Monday, 8 April 2013

BMGC 7 Day Soaring Forecast Data

Below are Graphical Data Forecasts centred on Talgarth Airfield showing Thermal Strength, Thermal Height, Cloudbase, etc. for 7 days. These are followed by other graphical data including Windspeed (Upper and Surface) and Wind Direction. The graphs show the day from 0700-1800, so you can see how thermal strength, cloudbase, etc. varies throughout the day.

Below each Graphical Data Forecast is a RASP generated cross country soaring "Star Rating" for the same day (0=Poor, 5=Excellent).

RASP Maps can be found at:

Master "Weatherton" page:

                              Talgarth   Monday                                    
                                 Talgarth Tuesday                                  

                               Talgarth Wednesday                               

                               Talgarth Thursday                              

                               Talgarth Friday                                        

                               Talgarth Saturday                                    
                               Talgarth Sunday